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Semantic Analysis and Reports Classification

Digital Dictation Solutions
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Dictation Workflow Management for manual or Automatic Transcription, Using Philips Microphones or DPMs Available on Terminal Server and Citrix

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A Pattern Recognition
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Monday 11/12/18 - Grandi novità in anteprima al 48° Congresso SIRM: Nuovo editor HTML5, recoAnywhere, recoNLP... e tanto altro ancora! ... | Monday 03/19/18 - ISO 9001 Certification Renewed: reconice ha superato con successo l’audit di rinnovo per la certificazione di qualità ISO 9001:2015 ... | Tuesday 11/07/17 - recomed 3.0 e SpeechMike Premium Air: the Professional Choice!: recomed 3.0 e SpeechMike Premium Air: il più alto stadio di evoluzione mai raggiunto per la refertaz... | Wednesday 10/18/17 - recomed 3.0 è arrivato!: ...ed è disponibile ai nostri Partner. ... | Friday 10/06/17 - recomed: design robusto, sicuro, alte prestazioni e affidabilità, applicando il metodo FMEA: reconice ha adottato la metodologia FMEA per la progettazione dei propri sistemi fin dal 2014. ... | Thursday 09/21/17 - recomed 3.0 is almost here!: La nuova release di recomed sta bussando alla porta! ... | Friday 04/07/17 - reconice a Venezia al Connectathon 2017: reconice al Connectathon 2017 ha illustrato la propria vision, nell'ambito dei sistemi esperti. ... | Thursday 03/16/17 - reconice Founding Industry Partner di HIMSS Europe Italian Community: reconice è Founding Industry Partner di HIMSS Europe Italian Community. ... | Monday 03/06/17 - reconice @ ECR 2017: reconice al Congresso ECR 2017 presso l'Austria Center di Vienna dall'1 al 5 marzo. ... | Saturday 10/29/16 - reconice @ RSNA 2016: reconice anche quest'anno sarà presente al 102* meeting annuale RSNA in corso al McCormick Centre di... |
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reconice: a Pattern Recognition and Signal Processing Co.


Solutions designed to support any workflow, using any microphone, handheld, or headset, wired or wireless.


Available for any device, desktop or mobile, on any OS: Windows, macOS, Linux, IOS, Android.


Multidisciplinary Topic, customizable, for the use into any Hospital Department.

reconice solutions

recomed: the most advanced suite for speech recognition reporting

The reconice solution for speech recognition reporting

recomed 3.0

recomed DE, OCX, .NET, Java, HTML5, recoCursor, recoAnywhere, ... a complete suite for the integration into any management system or to be used as a stand-alone on any workstation, laptop or mobile, for Windows, macOsX, Linux, etc.

Zero Footprint

Zero Footprint or Cloud

Speech recognition task is executed in real-time by one or more servers available via WAN or LAN.

Fault Tolerance
High Availability

Fault Tolerance and High Availability

recomed architecture is designed to be highly scalable and reliable.


Radiology, Neuroradiology and Nuclear Medicin

recomed comes with topics and components, specifically designed to comply with requirements and features of Imaging departments.

Imaging Topic

recomed fulfills all speech reporting needs, for Imaging departments professionals, with Topics for Radiology, Neuroradiology and Nuclear Medicin.

Pathology and Cytology Topic

recomed topic includes terms and acronyms commonly used in Histology, Cytology, and Anatomical Pathology.

Pathology and Cytology Topic

recomed fulfills all needs for speech reporting in Pathology in both Micro and Macro areas.

Multidisciplinary Medical Topic

To extend the benefits of speech recognition to all Hospital departments, wherever a free text report or document is created.

Multidisciplinary Medical Topic

recomed fulfills al speech reporting needs, inside the Hospital and on the move.

Digital Dictation Systems

Solutions for dictation and transcription, both manual and automatic, for any organization or professional.

Digital Dictation Systems

Authors record their dictations and transcriptionists can listen, using a headset and a footpad, correct (or transcribe) and format, preparing documents for final review and signature

Audio Acquisition Devices

A full range of microphones, handheld, headsets, wired, and wireless, to fulfill different needs of all professionals.

Audio Acquisition Devices

Depending on the use, the workflow, the needs, of the professional, reconice is able to assist their customers and partners to identify the right microphone.


recomed: maximum flexibility to improve any workflow!

Front-end or Direct Mode

Audio transcription is executed in real time by the engine installed on the client. This is the most used speech recognition use case.

Front-end or Direct Mode

Speech recognition technology and applications are installed on the workstation. Architecture can be centralized and distributed.

Front-end Remote or Streaming

Audio transcription is executed in real time on the server. All features are available, in the same way, just like in the front-end mode.

Front-end Remote or Streaming

Speech recognition technology is installed on physical or virtual server reachable by all clients via LAN or WAN.

Back-end or Deferred Mode

A file audio is recorded (on the workstation or on a mobile device), and then sent to a server on a LAN or WAN, to be transcribed.

Back-end or Deferred Mode

The transcription, and the audio are made available to back-office personnel to be reviewed and formatted, ready for signature.



All the advantages of adopting a solution from reconice

Turnaround time reduction

Turnaround time reduction

Speech recognition has all the potential to reduce the time requested to produce, release and share documentation: in all structures, both private and public, allows all doctors to dictate, review and sign reports in few minutes, making them available in real time.
Enhance documentation quality

Enhance documentation quality

The adoption of a speech recognition system, in front-end mode, allows the physicians to take control over the whole document production process, from dictation to signature and sharing. The report can be reviewed in real-time, while examining the patient or the case.
Increase of productivity

Increase of productivity

Comparing different ways of producing documents the outcome is that the adoption of a speech recognition system increases productivity of the physicians, allowing more time to be didicated to patients.

Costs reduction

Costs reduction

When the information enclosed in a document can influence decisions on treatmens and therapies, every day, every hour gained for the availability of the report can affect patient care, reduce lenght of stay at the Hospital and then contain costs.
Improve patient care

Improve patient care

the adoption of a speech recognition system reduces drastically the time required before the report is shared with other physicians. Reducing time spent on document creation means more time to be dedicated to patients, timely and precise treatments, reduction of the lenght of stay at the Hospital for diagnosys and treatments.

Reconice: from Words to Facts

reconice confirms her leadership in the speech reporting market, more and more crucial and continuously expanding in the healthcare sector. reconice offers technologies and advanced solutions, together with business competence and technical knowledge, merging the experience of the best professionals together with continuous innovation. Results are the evidence of the commitment of reconice to continuously evolve the offer to answer to all needs, even the most critical and complex ones.
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